Andrea Maurizio Medici
Founder, Consultant & Coach

Born in 1965 he discovered in 1987 the world of Tabletop Roleplaying Games. This world hasn’t lost its fascination till today and with heart and soul he committed himself to this fascinating wonderous world.

Born into a bourgeois family he has grown up in a multilingual environment, sourrounded since his earliest childhood by classical fiction, history and politics. Passionate conversations are still very important when his family gets together. The stories and tales of his maternal grandfather about anything and anybody shaped his development till he lost him in his early teens – as always too soon. A bookworm and inventor of stories since his early childhood. Only 12 years old he wrote his first stories. A fascination which accompanies him since nearly 40 years. As a roleplayer, mostly as moderator aka game-master, he is out and about in Switzerland and in the neighbouring countries. Experience, versatility and rapidity are his strengths.

Next to his large historic, sociological and cultural background knowledge is Andrea M. Medici with his creativity and wit always the crucial step ahead. With the exception of political and social novels he is familiar with all other genres. His favorite genre is by far Low Fantasy (aka Sword & Sorcery) and Dark Fantasy.

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Free Collaborators

Though Andrea M. Medici is the founder and the face of Ahbaron Enterprise he doesn’t work alone. Whenever appropriate he can fall back on a handful of free collaborators, who actively support him.